Custom Built Wall and Flagstone DeckThe beauty of the natural world is undeniable. But, the areas, that divide, protect and guide folks through your property can also add beauty, protection and utility to your property. We love doing walkways and patios, but there are a lot of other ways to use hardscaping to your advantage. Here are some thoughts:

Retaining Walls – A wall that holds back earth or water on one side of it. Also a great way to create levels.

Timbers – A great way to enclose a garden or guide walkers down a path.

Drainage – yard drainage, yard drainage systems, and driveway drainage can help guide water away from foundations and other areas.

Grading – Grading can help reduce the slope of an area of your property. This can be achieved by either adding soil or removing it and planing out the path of water to prevent erosion. Done correctly a drastic grade can be converted to a pleasant and useful section of your lawn.


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